Tyler Brooks, personal story Dancing for Pope Francisco in Trujillo-Perú

Few months ago we received a call from Ricardo LLerena, general coreographer and director  in charge of the welcoming Ceremony for the Pope in TRujillo Peru on January 20th.


We were overwhelmed and at the same time anxious to know about the details and all the preparation to make this possible.

We got the dates for the rehearsals in TRujillo, we got our tickets, we had a small gathering for friends and family who wanted to come and show their support for Tyler’s opportunity to dance for Pope Francisco.


But most importantly I went to visit the principal of Tyler’s school St Thomas of Aquinas and his teacher Ms. Anderson. We caught them by surprise they didn’t know Tyler had been dancing marinera since age 4 and competing since he was 5 years old.


Thanks Dayan Aldana and all our friends who have support us in this special Journey to meet Pope Francis.

I tried to explain Tyler’s teacher and principal, about our marinera dance. For Peruvians marinera is the most emblematic dance in the world. I don’t know what it is but we get goose bumps when we see dancers feel our beautiful marinera and dance it with their heart.

So we make arrangements with the support of our friends, family and Tyler’s school and were able to come to TRujillo as requested per the coreographer in November and December and we came back early January for the final training and Pope’s presentation.






The day came and in preparation for the welcoming ceremony. Security measures were at it highest levels in TRujillo. We were requested to be at a bus terminal by 1130p and only official vehicles will drive us to the airport for the ceremony. By 4a we were finally on our way to the airport and we waited until 850a that the Pope airplane arrived. By 910a the beautiful dance that took months to coordinate gave its beautiful results proudly our kids were Dancing some crying at the moment the Pope walk by them, Pope Francis also blessed them And some hold their hand and hug him.

Finally we could say mission accomplished. From Trujillo to the worlds. Ricardo Llerena the person in charge of directing this beautiful coreography offered to POpe Francis. Thank YOU for the invitation. May God bless you, all participants and all involved making this possible.


The Brooks Family


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